Spanish police claim has arrested Phineas Fisher, the hacked denied it

Pierluigi Paganini February 01, 2017

The Spanish law enforcement claims to have arrested the popular hacker Phineas Fisher, but someone using his email account denied it.

Spanish law enforcement has arrested the notorious hacked Phineas Fisher (@GammaGroupPR), the cyber security expert that breached the surveillance firms Hacking Team and Gamma International.

In May 2016, Phineas Fisher stole $10,000 from a bank and donated the equivalent in Bitcoin to Kurdish anticapitalists in Rojava.

Phineas Fisher hack bank

The Spanish police arrested the popular hacker as a result of an investigation on an attack against the Catalan police union, the Sindicat de Mossos, that occurred on May 2016. The Spanish authorities have arrested three men, including a man that is suspected to be Phineas Fisher.

“The Police on Tuesday arrested a person suspected of hacking the Sindicat dels Mossos d’Esquadra (SME) in May last year. The man, 31, who was arrested in Barcelona with his partner, 35, is accused of having illegally entered the EMS system and get data from 5,500 agents, according to sources of the case.” reported the El Pais.  “At the same time, in Salamanca, the police detained a third person, 33, for disseminating this data.”

According to local media, the Spanish police arrested a couple in Barcelona and a 33-year-old man in Salamanca.

At the time I was writing, the identity of the men was not disclosed by the Spanish police.

Is the suspect Phineas Fisher?

A few hours after the arrest, someone using Phineas Fisher’s email address sent the following message:

“I think the Mossos just arrested some people that retweeted the link to their personal info, or maybe just arrested some activisty/anarchisty people to pretend they are doing something,” Phineas Fisher, or someone who is in control of his email account said, in an email shared by a source of Motherboard who asked to remain anonymous.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – Phineas Fisher, hacktivism)

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