Bitcoin Wallet

Pierluigi Paganini April 16, 2018
Bitcoin web wallet addresses generated with a flawed library are exposed to brute-force attacks

Multiple vulnerabilities in the SecureRandom() function expose Bitcoin web wallet addresses generated by the flawed library to brute-force attacks. Old Bitcoin web wallet addresses generated in the browser or through JavaScript-based wallet apps might be affected by a cryptographic vulnerability that could be exploited b attackers to steal funds. According to the experts, the popular  […]

Pierluigi Paganini March 17, 2014
Bitcoin stealer malware disguised as application to access MtGox DB

The MtGox data leaked by the popular exchange was invented by hackers to infect a large audience with a Bitcoin stealer malware. Last month the biggest MtGox exchange filed for bankruptcy after it lost nearly 850,000 Bitcoins, it is a fraud, according an unknown hacker who breached into the personal blog and Reddit account of MtGox CEO, Mark Karpeles. As usual […]