25 million Mathway user records available for sale on the dark web

Pierluigi Paganini May 24, 2020

A threat actor is offering for sale on a dark web marketplace a database containing 25 million user records belonging to the Mathway.

A data breach broker, known as Shiny Hunters, is offering for sale on a dark web marketplace a database that contains 25 million user records for Mathway.

Early May, Shiny Hunters attempted to sell on a dark web marketplace databases containing more than 73.2 million user records from 11 different companies.

Shiny Hunters started offering the Tokopedia dump, then it began proposing 22 million user records for Unacademy and data allegedly obtained from the hack of the Microsoft’s GitHub account.

Recently the group has begun selling databases for the meal kit and food delivery company HomeChef, the photo print service ChatBooks, and Chronicle.com.

Mathway is a free math problem solver, from basic algebra to complex calculus, it instantly solves users’ math problems simply by typing their problem in (or point their camera and snap a pic!). Users will receive instant free answers through their website or mobile apps (both iOS and Android).

The Mathway app has over 10 million installs on Android Play Store and the Apple Store.

The dump was discovered by cyber intelligence firm Cyble, which confirmed that the archive was being sold in private sales in underground markets.

The Shiny Hunters group is offering for sale the Mathway database for $4,000.

Users’ records in the dump include email addresses and hashed passwords.

“We are aware of reports of a potential data compromise.  We are working with cybersecurity experts to investigate further, and will take the appropriate steps to ensure the security of customer information.” reads a statement published by Mathway.

Mathway is currently investigating the security breach, meantime its users should also change their password on the site and on any other site where they used the same credentials.

Mathway users could check if their account was impacted by the data breach by querying the Cyble’s AmIBreached data breach lookup service.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(SecurityAffairs – Mathway, hacking)

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