Mar 20- Mar 26 Ukraine – Russia the silent cyber conflict

Pierluigi Paganini March 27, 2022

This post provides a timeline of the events related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine from the cyber security perspective.

March 25 – Anonymous leaked 28GB of data stolen from the Central Bank of Russia

Anonymous announced that the affiliate group Black Rabbit World has leaked 28 GB of data stolen from the Central Bank of Russia

March 25 – Chinese threat actor Scarab targets Ukraine, CERT-UA warns

Ukraine CERT (CERT-UA) released details about a campaign that SentinelLabs linked with the suspected Chinese threat actor tracked as Scarab.

March 25 – US indicted 4 Russian government employees for attacks on critical infrastructure

The U.S. has indicted four Russian government employees for their involvement in attacks on entities in critical infrastructure.

March 24 – Anonymous targets western companies still active in Russia, including Auchan, Leroy Merlin e Decathlon

Anonymous launches its offensive against Wester companies still operating in Russia, it ‘DDoSed’ Auchan, Leroy Merlin e Decathlon websites.

March 24 – Anonymous claims to have hacked the Central Bank of Russia

The Anonymous hacker collective claims to have hacked the Central Bank of Russia and stole accessed 35,000 documents.

March 23 – Ukrainian enterprises hit with the DoubleZero wiper

Ukraine CERT-UA warns of cyberattack aimed at Ukrainian enterprises using the a wiper dubbed DoubleZero.

March 23 – FBI warns of growing risks of Russia-linked attacks on US energy firms

The FBI is warning of risks related to cyber attacks aimed at energy companies of Russia-linked threat actors.

March 22 – Anonymous hacked Nestlè and leaked 10 GB of sensitive

The popular Anonymous hacktivist collective announced to have hacked Nestlè and leaked 10 GB of sensitive data because the food and beverage giant continued to operate in Russia.

March 22 – Russia-linked InvisiMole APT targets state organizations of Ukraine

Ukraine CERT (CERT-UA) warns of spear-phishing ​​attacks conducted by UAC-0035 group (aka InvisiMole) on state organizations of Ukraine.

March 20 – Anonymous leaked data stolen from Russian pipeline company Transneft

Anonymous hacked Omega Company, the in-house R&D unit of Transneft, the Russian oil pipeline giant, and leaked stolen data.

March 20 – EU and US agencies warn that Russia could attack satellite communications networks

FBI, CISA, and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) warn of possible threats to international satellite communication (SATCOM) networks.

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Pierluigi Paganini

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