Snatch group claims to have hacked military provider HENSOLDT France

Pierluigi Paganini October 31, 2022

The Snatch ransomware group claims to have hacked HENSOLDT France, a company specializing in military and defense electronics.

The Snatch ransomware group claims to have hacked the French company HENSOLDT France. HENSOLDT is a company specializing in military and defense electronics.

HENSOLDT France offers a wide range of critical electronics solutions, products and services for the aeronautical, defence, energy and transport sectors, whether for air, naval or land applications, both in France and abroad.

According to the company website, HENSOLDT France provides mission management systems, world-class sensors, embedded systems; testing & simulation; hydrogen & power conversion, command & control, mechanical solutions, support & consulting and secure communication & cyber security.

The company develops specific electronics solutions and offers dedicated COTS solutions for hazardous environments. They are fully compliant with military and aeronautical standards, as well as testing, integration and simulation solutions to secure the development of critical systems.

The Snatch ransomware group added HENSOLDT France to the list of victims published on its Tor leak site.

snatch hensoldt france

The group has published a sample of the stolen data (94 MB) as proof of the hack.

The Snatch ransomware was first spotted at the end of 2019, Sophos researchers discovered a piece of the Snatch ransomware that reboots computers it infects into Safe Mode to bypass resident security solutions.

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Pierluigi Paganini

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