Cleaning Products manufacturer Clorox Company took some systems offline after a cyberattack

Pierluigi Paganini August 17, 2023

Cleaning products manufacturer Clorox Company announced that it has taken some systems offline in response to a cyberattack.

The Clorox Company is a multinational consumer goods company that specializes in the production and marketing of various household and professional cleaning, health, and personal care products.

The cleaning product giant announced it was the victim of a cybersecurity incident this week that forced it to take some systems offline.

“The Clorox Company has identified unauthorized activity on some of its Information Technology (IT) systems. After becoming aware of the activity, the Company began taking steps to stop and remediate the activity, including taking certain systems offline,” the company said in an 8-K filing.

“The Company is working diligently to respond to and address this issue, and is also coordinating with law enforcement. To the extent possible, and in line with its business continuity plans, Clorox has implemented workarounds for certain offline operations in order to continue servicing its customers.”

In response to the cyber attack, the company has taken some of its systems offline while it was implementing additional “protections and hardening measures to further secure them”.

Clorox notified law enforcement and has engaged leading third-party cybersecurity experts to support its investigation and determine the scope of the incident. At this time it is not clear if the attackers have stolen data from the company.

The company also announced to have implemented workarounds for some offline operations to continue servicing its customers.

Clorox Company

The company pointed out that the incident has caused, and is expected to continue to cause, disruption to its business operations.

The company did not disclose details of the attack, but the response to the incident suggests it was victim of a ransomware attack.

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Pierluigi Paganini

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