Illustrious victim, Tango Down by Anonymous

Pierluigi Paganini February 10, 2012

Just this morning I wrote in my article the ability of the Anonymous group that stands out in my assessment for the effectiveness of its operations. I tried to analyze the phenomenon, and I noticed that many colleagues tend to approach hacktivists ideology as a student movement, disorganized, and that can only be due to vandalism act.
I not agree, these guys know what they do and act according to a medium-term strategy shared between affiliates, at least those of the first levels.

We underestimate them and they have knocked out this time the website of the Central Intelligence Agency that is still down (now are 0:17 pm EST). The CIA seems to be less prepared for fighting Anonymous than other agencies. If the work of was revived in mere minutes, the CIA’s site was still down even hours after the attack.

Seems that a massive distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack have knocked out the site. At the moment there aren’t official announcement of the group to explain the motivation of the attacks.
In a tweet issued on the social media an affiliated with Anonymous wrote
“We do it for the lulz,” so the action has not been prepared for a specific reason but “for laughs.”

Remember that in the last weeks Anounymous groups has more than one occasion targeted law enforcement and U.S. intelligence agencies such as the interception of the conf call between representatives of the FBI and Scotland Yard.  It was done as part of the FuckFBIFriday campaign.

This event must induce a reflection … are we prepared to mitigate this cyber threats?
Pierluigi Paganini

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