Phineas Fisher hacked a bank to support anti-capitalists in the Rojava region

Pierluigi Paganini May 20, 2016

Phineas Fisher, the notorious Hacking Team hacker, stole $10,000 from a bank and donated the equivalent in Bitcoin to Kurdish anticapitalists in Rojava.

Phineas Fisher (@GammaGroupPR), revealed on Reddit that he breached a bank and turned the stolen money to a Kurdish anti-capitalists that operate in the Rojava autonomous region. The region in located in the north of the Syria, near to the territories controlled by the ISIL. The hacker did not reveal the name of the breached financial institution nor provided details of the cyber heist.

Phineas Fisher explained that it is quite easy to steal money from the bank, he cited the Carbanak group, but took the distance from the motivation of the Russian criminal crew. Phineas Fisher is a hacker, not a thief, he hasn’t financial motivation, he follows his own ideals.

“Banks are being robbed more than ever, it’s just done differently these days.” he explained. The money did come from robbing a bank. As I said in an earlier comment, bank robbing is more viable than ever, it’s just done differently these days. There’s a reason in the last hacking guide I wrote (spanish original english translation) I spoke in favor of expropriating money from banks, said you used to need a gun but can now do it from bed with a laptop in hand, and linked a technical report on the Carbanak group. Not that I’m a fan of Russian gangsters robbing banks so they can buy luxury cars or whatever, but there’s a lot to learn from their methods.

Phineas Fisher became very popular in the security industry because he is the hacker that breached the surveillance firms Hacking Team and the surveillance company Gamma International.

He is coherent with his thoughts about surveillance and the support offered by IT companies to totalitarian regimes, for this reason, he decided to target them and interfere with their “dirty” affairs.

The enemies of freedom are Phineas Fisher enemies.

Now the popular hacker has donated 25 Bitcoin (worth around US$11,000) to a crowdfunding campaign known as the Rojan Plan, which has been launched by the members of the Rojava’s economic committee. described by Fisher as “one of the most inspiring revolutionary projects in the world.”

Fisher defined the campaign as “one of the most inspiring revolutionary projects in the world.”

The campaign aims to help the local population and that are oppressed by the ISIL and treated by nearby governments. The project is ambitious and has a long list of goals, including the organizations of training in the neighborhood centers and schools, the production of educational material (pamphlets, short films) about the need to separate waste, the establishment of facilities for processing the waste and making fertilizer.

This is the list of things this people needs.

  • 2 trucks: $45000
  • Small bulldozer: $35000
  • Pool for liquid fertilizer: $500
  • Machine: $1500
  • Plastic buckets for waste: $2000
  • Structure: $3000
  • Thermometer: $50
  • Big plastic canvas: $2500
  • Worker clothes: $300
  • Scale: $500
  • Airsystem: $500
  • Hangar: $40000
  • Material: $33000
  • Mixer: $15000
  • Other: $10000
  • 9 workers: $10800


Phineas Fisher hack bank

Some experts already verified the Bitcoin transaction made by Phineas Fisher, THN of one of them

“When deeply investigated, it was found that the Rojava Plan’s Bitcoin address received a 25 BTC (Bitcoin) transaction timestamped 5th May 2016, which means the donation has publicly been recorded on the blockchain ledger.”  reported the THN.

“You can see the payments made to our campaign on the campaign page. You can also check our Bitcoin address, which is public,” Deniz Tarî from Rojava Plan told Ars. The page lists a €10,000 donation by “Hack Back!”

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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – Phineas Fisher, hacking)

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