Details for 1.9M members of Chinese Communist Party Members leaked

Pierluigi Paganini December 14, 2020

Security experts from Cyble discovered that the details of 1.9 million members of the Chinese Communist Party were leaked on a hacking forum.

During routine Dark web monitoring, the experts from Cyble found a post on a Russian-speaking forum offering the details of 1.9 million members of Chinese Communist Party.

The huge trove of data, a 293 MB CSV file, was offered for free. The exposed records included name, sex, ethnicity, organization, hometown, ID, Address, Mobile Number, Phone Number, Education.

Chinese Communist Party

“People who are concerned about their information exposure can register on Cyble’s data breach monitoring and notification platform,, to ascertain the risks at no cost. Also, Android users (Link) and iOS users (Link) can gain full access to it just by downloading the mobile application.” states the post published by Cyble.

Below a list of suggestions provided by Cyble to prevent cyber-attacks:

  • Never click on unverified/unidentified links
  • Do not open untrusted email attachments
  • Only download media from sites you trust
  • Never use unfamiliar USBs
  • Use security software and keep it updated
  • Backup your data periodically
  • Keep passwords unique and unpredictable
  • Keep Software and Systems up to date
  • Train employees on Cyber Security
  • Set up Firewall for your internet
  • Take a Cyber Security assessment
  • Update passwords regularly
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Pierluigi Paganini

(SecurityAffairs – hacking, Chinese Communist Party)

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