Cyber Defense Magazine – November 2021 has arrived. Enjoy it!

Pierluigi Paganini November 03, 2021

Cyber Defense Magazine September 2021 Edition has arrived. We hope you enjoy this month’s edition…packed with 155 pages of excellent content.

The Cyber Defense eMagazine for November 2021 
We’ve, all of us, been through two trying years with Covid-19 – but, together, we’ve made it.  
There is no right or left, only up and down.  
We, Americans, and all of Humanity, are in this together.  
Let’s get America back up on her feet, together.   
On that positive note…

Finally, RSA Conference USA is back in person with virtual options available for a hybrid-experience. This is the biggest INFOSEC show on earth and we will be there!  
It’s our 10th anniversary in business and at @RSAConference  #RSAC: Where the world talks #securityThere is No better INFOSEC event on Earth.  Find us in San Francisco, CA, USA between Feb  7 – 10 2022 – let’s make history, together and celebrate!

Cyber Defense eMagazine November Edition for 2021 #CDM #CYBERDEFENSEMAG @CyberDefenseMag by @Miliefsky a world-renowned cyber security expert and the Publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine as part of the Cyber Defense Media Group as well as Yan Ross, US Editor-in-Chief, Pierluigi Paganini, International Editor-in-Chief and many more writers, partners and supporters who make this an awesome publication! Thank you all and to our readers! OSINT ROCKS! #CDM #CDMG #OSINT #CYBERSECURITY #INFOSEC #BEST #PRACTICES #TIPS #TECHNIQUES

We rarely ask our readership for anything.  However, please consider downloading this free PDF version which helps fund our operations so we can deliver you all the best infosec updates, daily, weekly, monthly?

We have a growing team working for YOU at no-charge.  You asked and we listened.  NEW PLATFORM FOR 2021:  FREE ONLINE CYBER SECURITY JOB SITE is free for uploading Cybersecurity jobs and resumes to help fill the gap.  Cyber Defense Professionals on November 1, 2021, as a free Online Cybersecurity Jobs Portal, already with over 3,000 INFOSEC Job Openings at Fortune 1000 Companies at launch, yesterday, and growing daily.  We at CDMG, believe that this new platform, developed over 12 months and then released in parallel with the winding down of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, is the INFOSEC industry’s free ‘monster’ job site for Cybersecurity Jobs and Resumes – Now Open.




Stay strong – be healthy – be blessed! 
cyber defense magazine November
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Pierluigi Paganini

(SecurityAffairs – hacking, CDM)

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