Anonymous leaked data stolen from Russian pipeline company Transneft

Pierluigi Paganini March 20, 2022

Anonymous hacked Omega Company, the in-house R&D unit of Transneft, the Russian oil pipeline giant, and leaked stolen data.

Anonymous collective claims it has hacked Omega Company, which is the in-house R&D unit of Transneft, the Russia-based state-controlled oil pipeline company.

Transneft is the largest oil pipeline company in the world, the hacktivists have stolen 79GB of emails and published them on the leak site of the non-profit whistleblower organization Distributed Denial of Secrets.

While the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues and innocent people are dying, the Anonymous collective is targeting Russian government institutions and private firms.

The data leaked as part of Transneft’s Omega Company hack contain the email accounts data of company employees. The stolen data includes invoices, equipment technical configurations, and product shipment information.

The Omega Company produces high-tech acoustic and temperature monitoring systems for oil pipelines.

The Verge reviewed some emails and some of them were dated as of March 15th, just days before the data was leaked online.

Curiously, Distributed Denial of Secrets revealed that the source dedicated the leaks to Hillary Clinton who publicly encouraged in an interview with MSNBC Anonymous to launch cyberattacks against Russia.

“People who love freedom, and understand that our way of life depends on supporting those who believe in freedom as well, could be engaged in cyber support of those in the streets in Russia,” Clinton said.

If you are interested in the recent cyber attacks conducted by Anonymous and its affiliated groups as part of the ongoing #OpRussia company give a look here.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(SecurityAffairs – hacking, Transneft)

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