Introducing the DRM-Report Q1 2023: Unveiling the Current State of Ransomware

Pierluigi Paganini May 15, 2023

DRM Dashboard Ransomware Monitor released the first quarterly report for the year 2023 about the activities of ransomware groups globally.

DRM Dashboard Ransomware Monitor, an independent platform of cybersecurity monitoring, is pleased to release the quarterly the DRM-Report for the first quarter of 2023. This comprehensive report delves into the alarming rise of ransomware attacks worldwide and provides valuable insights into the landscape of cybercriminal activities.

Key Findings from the DRM-Report Q1 2023:

  1. A Global Epidemic: A total of 1,472 ransomware attacks were claimed globally during the first quarter, highlighting the significant threat faced by organizations across the world.
  2. Tracking Cybercriminals: Our dedicated team monitored 149 cybercriminal groups during this period, shedding light on their activities and methodologies.
  3. Rapid Pace of Attacks: Shockingly, an average of 12 ransomware attacks were claimed every day, underscoring the urgency and need for enhanced cybersecurity measures.
  4. United States Takes the Brunt: Approximately 44% of these attacks originated from the United States, making it the most targeted country.
  5. Emerging Threats: In the past 120 days, our research identified 11 new ransomware groups, highlighting the ever-evolving nature of this malicious industry.
  6. Reign of the Titans: The most active ransomware groups in this report were LockBit, Clop, and ALPHV/BlackCat, accounting for an alarming 53% of the total claimed attacks. Their impact and reach demand immediate attention.
DRM Dashboard Ransomware Monitor

These findings provide a glimpse into the complex and rapidly evolving landscape of ransomware, urging organizations and individuals to stay vigilant in the face of escalating threats. With the prominence of cybercrime growing at an unprecedented rate, it is crucial that businesses and individuals fortify their defenses against these malicious actors.

DRM Dashboard Ransomware Monitor (an Italian project) remains committed to monitoring and combating the ransomware epidemic and empowers organizations to protect their valuable assets through free accessible cybersecurity solutions, to share data. Our team of experts continuously monitors emerging threats, implements robust security scraping, and provides effective incident data to make appropriate response strategies to minimize the impact of ransomware attacks.

For more detailed insights and recommendations, please download the complete DRM-Report Q1 2023 from our website Introducing the DRM-Report Q1 2023: Unveiling the Current State of Ransomware

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