Xbox Live service down again due to a new DDoS attack by the Lizard Squad

Pierluigi Paganini December 08, 2014

Xbox Live online service was not available for the second time in a few days due to a new DDoS attack by the Lizard Squad hacking team.

Just a week ago the hacking team Lizard Squad has hit the Xbox Live service with a DDoS attack that caused its interruption.  The Microsoft’s Xbox Live servers were not reachable for 2 days, having a serious impact in XBox Live users. Yesterday Lizard Squad hit again the Xbox Live service with a DDoS attack and it has announced other similar attack against the PSN services.

As a result of the attack occurred on December 5, Xbox 360 users were not able to access the Xbox Live online service.

“Gamers planning to watch the  Game Awards on Xbox 360 were utterly disappointed to find their connections breaking intermittently.” reported a blog post on

The Xbox Live Status Page confirmed the Xbox Live service outage for Xbox 360 users.

Xbox live status-outage


Microsoft has informed its customers that its experts are already working to fix the problem and restore normal operation for the Xbox live service.

“Are you having issues staying connected to Xbox Live? Don’t worry! We’re working hard to find a fix as soon as we possibly can,” Microsoft writes.

Once again, the Lizard Squad collective claimed the responsibility for the major attack against the Xbox Live services.

XBox live service down againThe situation is beginning to be embarrassing for Microsoft, whose users are seen deprived of access to services again in a few days. At the same time the hackers at Lizard Squad have announced that the cyber attacks against the Xbox Network will continue.

Stay Tuned!

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs –  XBox Live online service, hacking)

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