Phantom Squad plans to hack PSN and Xbox, SkidNP hacks its website

Pierluigi Paganini December 20, 2015

The hacking crew Phantom Squad announced a severe attack on PSN and Xbox Live networks, but SkidNP group defaced its website.

A few days ago a group of hackers dubbed Phantom Squad announced that it will take down the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network platforms during the upcoming Christmas holidays, emulating the clamorous attack conducted last year by Lizard Squad hackers.

However, it seems that there is an ongoing war between two group of hackers, the Phantom Squad and another group called SkidNP.

Yesterday Phantom Squad launched a first attack against both Xbox Live and PlayStation platforms, probably a test before the powerful attack announced for Christmas.

Curiously, the SkidNP today hacked the Phantom Squad’website ( The Twitter account @SkidNP announced via twitter the hack, such as the SkidNP member @Obstructable that also spread the same news.


skidnp group

SkidNP defaced the Phantom Squad’s website and left the following message:

Hello Phantom Squad. Your website has been taken over by Lizards.”

“You took credit for multiple attacks that you nor any of your members did. We are not so happy about this so we’ve taken over your site. Here is a suggestion. Quit while you have the chance because if you take credit for the Christmas attacks it will be the last thing you do.”

According to the told the reference to Lizard Squad was a joke and the group is not linked to the notorious hacking crew.

Regarding the Lizard Squad team, it appears to be inactive for a long, but there is the possibility that it is planning a new clamorous attack against PSN and Xbox Live servers. Yesterday AppleJ4ck, who seems to be a member of the hacking crew, announced an imminent attack.

skidnp group and lizard squad PSN and Xbox networks

The tweet which indicates that both the servers will be taken offline in 6 days i.e on 25th December.

The unique certainly at the moment is that several groups are planning to hack PSN and Xbox networks during the holidays.

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – Phantom Squad, PSN and Xbox networks)

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