Clop ransomware gang paralyzed flavor and fragrance producer Symrise

Pierluigi Paganini December 21, 2020

Flavor and fragrance producer Symrise is the last victim of the Clop ransomware gang that claims to have stolen 500 GB of unencrypted files.

Symrise AG, a major producer of flavours and fragrances, was hit by Clop ransomware operators. The threat actors claim to have stolen 500 GB of unencrypted files.

The attack was reported last week by Handelsblatt, the website also reported the news after @Chum1ng0 alerted them. 

The company shut down its systems to prevent the malware from spreading into its network.

“In order to be able to assess the consequences and to prevent possible further effects, the company shut down all essential systems,” said Symrise .

“As far as we know, it is a criminal act with extortion intent,” said a company’s spokeswoman. Symrise launched an investigation into the incident and notified the State Criminal Police Office. 

At the time of the disclosure the company did not reveal the family of malware that hit its system either the ransom amount.

BleepingComputer reported that the company was hit by the Clop ransomware that encrypted 1,000 devices.

“The Clop ransomware gang has claimed responsibility for the attack on Symrise and have told BleepingComputer that they allegedly encrypted 1,000 devices.” reported Bleeping Computer.

Clop ransomware operators revealed told BleepingComputer they attack vector were phishing emails.

The ransomware gang published images of allegedly stolen files on its leak site, including passport scans, accounting documents, and emails.

In early December, the group claimed to have stolen 2 million credit cards from E-Land Clop ransomware.

Other victims of the Clop ransomware were the Maastricht UniversitySoftware AG IT, and ExecuPharm.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(SecurityAffairs – hacking, BISMUTH)

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