Anonymous is working on a huge data dump that will blow Russia away

Pierluigi Paganini March 28, 2022

The Anonymous collective hacked the Russian construction company Rostproekt and announced a leak that will Blow Russia Away. 

Anonymous continues its offensive against Russia, the collective announced the hack of the Russian construction company Rostproekt and announced a leak that will blow Russia away.

Link to the stolen data from the company have been published on the leak site DDoSecrets.

The hacktivists have leaked 2.4 gigabytes of emails allegedly stolen from the Russian construction company. Anonymous also hacked MashOiL and leaked the data through DDoSecrets. The dump includes nearly 140,000 emails from MashOil, which designs, manufactures and maintains equipment used in the drilling, mining and fracking industries.

Anonymous claims that it is currently working on another data leak that could have a devastating impact on the Russian government.

Anonymous has promised upcoming glamorous dumps, it also launched a new site, Anonymousleaks, to host future leaks.

Anonymous Rostproekt

“International Business Times had the opportunity to talk to Anonymous, and when we pried on the content of the leaked emails, the collective hinted that “one guy did say he might’ve found malware sent to FSB agents.”” reported International Business Times.

The “huge” data dump announced by the group will be available “within the next 1-2 weeks.” The group claims to have exfiltrated 1.22 terabytes from the target.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(SecurityAffairs – hacking, Ukraine)

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