Pro-Palestinian hackers group ‘Soldiers of Solomon’ disrupted the production cycle of the biggest flour production plant in Israel

Pierluigi Paganini November 07, 2023

Pro-Palestinian hackers group ‘Soldiers of Solomon’ claims to have hacked one of the largest Israeli flour plants causing severe damage to the operations.

The Pro-Palestinian hackers group ‘Soldiers of Solomon’ announced that it had breached the infrastructure of the production plant of Flour Mills Ltd, a multinational company engaged in the processing and marketing of flour and related food products. The threat actors claim to have damaged the production cycle.

The group published on its Telegram Channel a video showing several screenshots from systems used to control the processes at the plan.

Soldiers of Solomon Israeli flour plant

This type of attack can have a significant impact on the company and the community, as the target is an important component of the food supply chain.

The Soldiers of Solomon group continues to target Israeli organizations, recently they claimed a successful cyber attack on Ashalim Power Station located in the Negev desert. The threat actors said it had disconnected the Station out of the power distribution circuit.

In October, the hacktivists have taken full control of more than 50 servers, security cameras and a smart city management system in the Nevatim military area. They also claimed to have exfiltrated 25TB of data and ransomed them via our customized Crucio ransomware.

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