FBI warns travelers against using untrusted and free WiFi networks

Pierluigi Paganini December 19, 2019

The FBI warned one again the holiday travelers about the danger of using free WiFi networks while traveling.

Free WiFi networks, such as the ones in the airports and hotel, hide many dangers to the holiday travelers, for this reason, has once again published a new warning.

Threat actors could leverage free WiFi networks to infect victims with malware, to steal their sensitive data or to take over their devices.

“Don’t allow your phone, computer, tablet, or other devices to auto-connect to a free wireless network while you are away from home,” reads the advisory published by the FBI.

“This is an open invitation for bad actors to access your device. They then can load malware, steal your passwords and PINs, or even take remote control of your contacts and camera.”

Authorities recommend travelers to avoid using free or untrusted WiFi networks to access sensitive information, such as financial or medical data.

“If you absolutely have to use an unsecured hotspot, avoid doing anything sensitive like accessing your bank account. A hacker would love your user ID and password – don’t give it to them.” continues the FBI.

The authorities recommend the use of phone’s mobile data connection rather than connecting devices untrusted or Free WiFi networks.

The FBI’s warning also provides suggestions to protect travelers’ privacy, such as to disable location services and avoid publishing any picture or post about the travel.

“Disable location services – including those on your social media accounts and in your camera settings – that tell people where you are.” continues the FBI.

“Finally, as hard as this may be in a world of oversharing, consider NOT pushing out pictures and posts about your grand adventures. Yes, your kids are adorable and Christmas morning was the best ever – but do you really want to tell the world that you are away from home?”

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Pierluigi Paganini

(SecurityAffairs – Iran, hacking)

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